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Recap : The Party 14
Posted by Mav on Apr, 01 2016 at 07:52 am

During the easter weekend, RUZ3. Gaming sent two of their Hearthstone players towards Eindhoven to attend the 14th edition of The Party. Chinoize and Mitsuhide were looking for glory. For Chinoize, it could be his second The Party win in a row, as he won last year's edition. Mitsuhide on the other hand won the last offline tournament in Breda, and is looking for his second consecutive win in his home country.

The tournament, that began on friday, was immediately impacted by the good results of our players. Chinoize had it a little bit tougher needing 3-2, 3-0 and 3-2 to reach the quarterfinals of the upper bracket, but Mitsuhide rolled over his opponents only dropping 1 single game.

This is where it got harder, as Mitsuhide faced The Opnes and Chinoize got to battle Theo. Despite the increase in level, both players pulled through with a 3-1 scoreline. Among the last four in the upper bracket, Mitsuhide had to face LLL.Liveon, who had not dropped a single game up until this point. Mitsuhide came out on top in another 3-1 victory. Chinoize also won his game in another 3-2 thriller meaning we had an all RUZ3. upper bracket final.

Two teammates in an upper bracket final already secured us two spots in the top 3. Mitsuhide was the one to advance to the grand final after beating his teammate Chinoize 3-1. He had the option to redeem himself in the lower bracket final against Galaxios, which he did, 3-2.

The grand final and the battle for the Alienware X51 en € 400,00 cash were to be played between the only two RUZ3. Gaming members attending the tournament. Mitsuhide started with one game in hand, due to him coming from the upper bracket, but in the end, it would not have mattered as Mitsuhide won the BO7 with 4-2.

Congratulations to both players!
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