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Frag-o-Matic 18.1 Recap
Posted by Iceist on Sep, 14 2016 at 06:57 pm

Hello everyone

Last weekend, we attended Frag-o-Matic 18.1 at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium. We had an amazing time with the team there, having a lot of fun hanging out and playing together. On top of that, we achieved some great results there, which we would like to share with you!

With Alternator, Sjoesie and Near going to this edition of Frag-o-Matic representing our Hearthstone team, they were joined by Shorty on a last minute notice. Both Alternator and Sjoesie made it through the group stage, but unfortunately Shorty and Near didn’t.

Advancing to the brackets, Alternator ended up playing against Emperor’s a4papier. The match ended up going 3-1 for a4papier, making Alternator drop to the losers’ bracket. Sjoesie managed to win his first match against Sense with 3-0 and advanced to the next round. There, he faced teamKR’s Bennet and won 3-1, going to the next round. In the fourth round, he faced Sector One’s Mitsuhide which he lost to, with the result being 3-1 for Mitsuhide.

After dropping both to the losers’ bracket, Alternator faced Emperor’s Sparta and lost the match with a close 3-2 for Sparta. Sjoesie ended up against Eldanar in his first match of the losers’ bracket, he advanced to the next round by going 3-1 against him. There he met with Venko Gaming’s Antwerp, who he took down by going 3-0.

Following Antwerp, Sjoesie got placed against ECVisualize’s benene. Sjoesie managed to get another clean round by going 3 - 0 once again. One round before the losers’ bracket finals, Sjoesie met a4papier, who took down Alternator in his first round. Being a very close round, Sjoesie unfortunately lost with 3 wins in favor of a4papier, placing him 4th place!

Our Overwatch team did a great job at Frag-o-Matic. They managed to end up first in their poule of the group stage and then get a clean strike throughout the brackets. Throughout whole the tournament, our team had to face Fruitbasket three times and beat them three times as well. All of this resulted in the first place for them at Frag-o-Matic 18.1!
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