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Easter Weekend Events
Posted by Doji on Mar, 24 2016 at 02:54 pm

The oncoming weekend, from the 26th up until the 28th, RUZ3. Gaming will attending LAN-events in no less than three countries. The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France are all welcoming our players in several different tournaments!


Hearthstone player Kobe "Guukboii' Van Schepdael managed to qualify for the Insomnia offline event which is being held at the NEC in Birmingham with a prizepool of no less than 30.000 dollars! Out of 512 people, he won the qualifiers which gave him the opportunity to show his skills on a higher level this weekend. It is the second year in a row Guukboii managed to qualify for a major event after his run at the Viagame House Cup last year.

Event Website : http://
Event Stream : http://
Guukboii Twitter : http://

The Party

This LAN-party located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, will be attended by Louis ”Mitsuhide” Bremers en Ruben ”Chinoize” Truong. They will try and battle for their share of the €2500.00 prizepool. Mitsuhide can win his second tournament in his home country within one month (after his success in Breda), whilst Chinoize is the reigning champion of The Party, defending his title.

Event Website: http://
Mitsuhide Twitter: http://
Chinoize Twitter: http://

Gamers Assembly

Gamers Assembly is one of the biggest offline tournaments and expoisitions in France. Several tournaments will be held, but our FIFA-team will be giving their all in the XBox One Fifa tournament. With a prizepool of €1000.00 and a very fierce competition, our players have to opportunity to prove themselves among some of France's best players. Playing for us are Robin "Mr-Robz" Sleeuwagen, Geoffrey "Blake-Revenge" Meghoe, and one of our latest signings: Brian "Empa" Somai.

Event Website:
Mr-Robz Twitter: http://
BlakeRevenge Twitter: http://
Empa Twitter: http://

We will try and keep you updated regarding streams or live coverage of our players.
All that's left is to wish them the best of luck in their respective tournaments!
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